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Woolrabunning Farm

Woolrabunning Farm has been in the Morris & King family for years and has played host to many memorable family & friend’s fiestas! 


Tucked away in the Margaret River region, along a glorious country road, 2.5 hours from Perth and 15 minutes from Margaret River Township, Woolrabunning Farm is a rustic 132 acres, 30 acres of which is a “Protected Habitat” under a National Trust covenant.


The covenant was set up by the previous owners and we have enthusiastically maintained this habitat to ensure it remains a protected home for the abundant birdlife and native flora. 


Once a working farm, Woolrabunning’s previous owners had two very special cows, Molly and Blind Beauty both of whom were blind.  They remained with the property when we took over and were very friendly, often following us around on morning walks, wanting a rub around the ears. Our friendly girls remained on the property until the ravages of time finally overtook them. 

After many afternoons spent toasting the day and watching the land lay fallow a decision was made and we now have the birth of Two Blind Cows Glamping in honour of Molly and Blind Beauty and our sincere commitment to bring this farm back to life!  


Two Blind Cows Glamping is comprised of 3 luxury tents set in the paddocks amongst the tree stands of Woolrabunning Farm where Molly and Blind Beauty used to roam freely.  Our tents will provide visitors with a place to “go bush” in style where a back-to-the-country feel is assured in laid back tented luxury. 


Woolrabunning Farm, in collaboration with Two Blind Cows Glamping, is commencing a regenerative process and over time will become a small environmentally friendly, sustainable agricultural operation. 


Toasting the day will now be well earned!!

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